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The Zap Your PRAM Crew

Rannie Turingan is a completely kick-ass photographer in Toronto. He was one of the Zap Your PRAM crew, and spent a whole lot of time chasing down the other attendees and taking our pictures. He’s now finished up processing and posting the formal portraits on his website: Zap Your PRAM portraits. It’s a really nice record of the event, so @Rannie: many thanks for taking the time to do this. You rock.

Mini road-trip photos

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sawmill and stream

Rob and I went for a mini road-trip out to Balaclava, ON today. As we tend to do, we took a bunch of pictures. My set is here. Rob’s are over here.

Some other new photos

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yellow flower

A couple of weeks ago I took a whole week off (a whole week!) and visited my folks. Dad and I spent some time out taking pictures, some of the results of which are here.

Some new photos

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hole in a hay bale

Rob, Kev, and I went out to shoot at the Experimental Farm for a few hours yesterday afternoon. Gorgeous, unseasonably warm October afternoon. A few of my pictures are here.

This was my first trip out with the new Nikon 10.5mm fisheye lens — I absolutely love it and can’t wait to go shooting with it again soon.

Road trip photos

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Rob and I took an extended Victoria Day Weekend and booted down to Watkins Glen, NY for a quick mini-vacation. There’s a state park there with an absolutely gorgeous gorge that you can walk through. We took many, many pictures. I’ve posted some (not all yet, but most) here:

Dria’s Watkins Glen Roadtrip Photoset.

New camera and a bunch of photos

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So after researching and reading and agonizing over which little point&shoot camera I wanted to pick up, I finally settled on the new Nikon P5000.

Major feature rundown:

  • Weighs around 280g with battery and memory card. Super light.
  • It’s 3.9 x 2.5 x 1.6 in. Tiny, but not so tiny that it’s awkward to hold/use.
  • Excellent ergonomics/design. Controls are intuitively laid out, easy to access and use, and the menu system is very nice.
  • 10 megapixel.
  • Kick ass macro mode.
  • Automatic, semi-automatic (Shutter priority and Aperture priority), and full manual mode. I used full manual mode for all the pictures I took this morning, and it’s dead simple to use.
  • Drawback: no RAW support. This is a bit of a drag, but is the only drawback I’ve found so far.

All that aside, here are the shots I took while walking home from my doctor’s appointment this morning: May 11 walk.

Random note: turns out using the “Rotate picture” feature on Flickr completely hoses the EXIF data for those images. I’ll have to re-upload the ones that need to be rotated.


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Nothing like really revving up the new year by getting a cold during the first week. Grr. All I have to say about that is thank god for Sudafed and wool socks. Stupid cold.


I took a few more pictures on Tuesday, but it was a lot colder out so my walk was a lot shorter. Nothing spectacular to show for it (you can view the bits I’ve posted here), but I did learn quite a bit so it was worthwhile. The temperature appears to be above zero again today, but I think I’ll cater to my illness and stay indoors. Stupid cold.

The TV season seems to be gearing up again, which is good — reruns were starting to irritate me. Most exciting is that Rome (Season 2) starts soon. If you haven’t watched the first season, I strongly recommend it. I think the only TV series better than Rome is Deadwood, and even that’s a tough call. Both are brilliantly written, brilliantly acted, and just top-notch productions all around. Turns out HBO knows how to make stellar TV. Stupid cold.

New Year’s Day

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Quiet last day of holidays before getting back to work. Made a big batch of beef stew (very yummy), puttered around the house a bit, and went for a walk to take some pictures.

One of my goals this year is to work on my photography a bunch, so I’m trying to get in the habit of actually taking more pictures. Today’s walk resulted in 97 photos, of which I’ve processed and posted 20 so far. You can look at them here, if you like. I might process and post some more later, but I’m not sure how many more are actually worth sharing.

Happy new year and all that.


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Books are awesome and teach you super-useful things about stuff, like Photoshop. Here’s a tomato:

Tomato #2

More fun with macros

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Last week I built a cheapo light tent for doing lighting for indoor macro photography. First attempt was too huge, so I took it apart and cut all the dowels down by another 6″. It’s still too big, so I’ll probably take it apart again tomorrow and cut it all down another 4-6″ per side.

In the mean time I messed around and took some shots using my awesome Nikon 60mm macro lens. The problem right now is that now I need to figure out how to embed the proper colour profile in the images for browser display. Hum. Anyhow, here’s one of the shots I took earlier:

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