Canadian DMCA must be stopped

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If you’re Canadian, please read this column in today’s Toronto Star: Troubling details in new downloading law.

Then, if you’re suitably outraged, go read these:

I have written to Mr. Prentice, the PM, and my MP to add my voice to the protest against this Bill. I hope you will take some time today to do the same.


Some new pictures

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oh look, it's autumn

Rob and I went for a drive on Monday and ended up wandering around Gatineau Park a bit (specifically, the Mackenzie King Estate) and took some pictures. Mine are here: Gatineau Park, Sept 2007.

Why I may make a summer pilgrimage to Calgary

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Still on vacation

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Left for Moncton on Friday. Left Moncton to go to NS on Wed morning. Yesterday and today we’re in Wolfville, and tomorrow we head in to Halifax. Saturday morning we head back to Moncton, then Sunday we drive back to Ottawa. All good, although the weather has been relentlessly crappy. We actually have been snowed on more than once this week, and the forecast is hinting at further flurries this evening.

I’m increasingly convinced that “summoning crap weather while on vacation or travelling” is my super power.

It stopped raining today long enough for us to get a few photos of the Annapolis Valley. You can see them here.

Long Weekend

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Two days, two backyard bar-be-ques, zero writing done. On Saturday afternoon our friends procured a brand new charcoal grill at Canadian Tire. After a run to the stores for beer and meat and half an hour of set up, we proceded to smoke out the entire neighbourhood, “seasoning” said grill for two hours. We’re surprised that the fire department didn’t show up, to be honest. Shortly afterwards we started to cook, as it was getting dark. By the time the meat was finished (chicken, ribeye steaks, pork ribs), it was, in fact, 10pm and pitch black. All good. The food was absolutely fantastic.

The food was so good, in fact, that we repeated the entire process on Sunday, except starting earlier (4pm) and skipping the 2 hour seasoning smoke-a-thon. Just burgers, potatos, and corn on the cob this time, but still excellent. More so because we managed to eat while it was still light outside. After this weekend’s festivities, I am absolutely sold on charcoal grills. Gas is easier and more convenient, of course, but food grilled over charcoal is just tastier. Yum. Double yum.

Of course, having spent most of the last two days sitting in a lawn chair tending a grill and drinking (fulfilling my duty as a Canadian on a long weekend in summer), I’ve totally failed to do anything else. No reading, no writing, no cleaning, no working out, etc etc. And, really, that’s OK by me. Regularly scheduled silliness will begin again tomorrow.

Happy Canada Day!

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Technically I’m a bit late, but Happy Canada Day!

Our day was relatively sedate, but that was largely because we began our celebrations Thursday evening, finally crashing at around 2am. Today was mostly sleeping in, eating bacon & eggers for breakfast, having a nap, cleaning some, and doing laundry. Dinner was garlic-ginger pan-roasted pork tenderloin with asparagus. After dinner we did what we usually do (gaming, reading), and watched an episode of Deadwood. Now it’s time for bed. All in all, not a bad day off.

I’ve set up reading spot in my office now, with a comfy chair, a table for my tea, a reading lamp, and an ottoman. I’ve finished On Writing Well, and am now rifling through the shelves trying to find something to read next. Oddly, the next book about writing I picked up — Getting the Words Right — isn’t terribly well written. The Invisible Computer, while interesting and written by someone I’ve admired since I did my thesis (Donald Norman), isn’t quite what I feel like reading at the moment. In the interim, I’m poking my way through the collected short stories of Roald Dahl. I haven’t yet gone to the library to get a library card and a book, so maybe I’ll do that tomorrow.

Also on the topic of tomorrow, I think I’ll use the leftover pork to make ginger pork fried rice for lunch. Yum.

Proud Canadian, right over here!

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I think I might actually go to Parliament to watch the fireworks this Canada Day (Friday!). We just did a very cool thing, and it makes me happy: Canada approves same-sex marriage.

(Wikipedia has a really long article about the history of same-sex marriage in Canada.)

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