Testing WordPress2 for iphone

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The good folks at Automattic have released a new WordPress app for the iPhone. Given that I am hoping to blog more, I figured I’d take it for a test run. If i can blog just as easily as I can tweet (which this app appears to make possible), I’m a lot more likely to do so.

Testing posting with an attached photo. Let’s see how this goes…

I’m also testing a new blog-feed twitterbot. Crazy times, indeed.

Novel: The Lovely Bones

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lovely-bones Started reading The Lovely Bones on Sunday, finished it today. Well written and fairly gripping, but weak in terms of plot and depth. Not entirely sure why it’s as huge a bestseller as it is, and I will likely give the upcoming major motion picture a miss. Still, a page turner that I consumed in two sittings, so it’s certainly not all bad.

Novel: Book of Negroes

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book-of-negroes Started reading The Book Of Negroes on Saturday, finished it on Sunday. Fantastic, beautifully written story that brings a dark part of our history to life. Grim, heartbreaking, and shocking at times — absolutely worth reading.

Researching telecommuting & distributed organizations

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I’m looking recent (past 3-5 years) research, articles, books, blog posts, etc. about telecommuting and distributed organizations. If you know of any interesting material related to these topics — particularly stuff you feel is relevant to Mozilla — I would really appreciate it if you posted a comment here.


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