My next entirely irresponsible purchase

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Turns out camera phones still suck (suck suck suck), and my awesome camera (DSLR, Nikon D70s) is still big enough that I just don’t carry it around me. Thus I need a small camera that I actually stash in my purse thing and have with me for those random moments I want to take photos of random crap I see in the real world.

Nikon (I am genetically-inclined to Nikon products, don’t bother trying to argue this with me) recently produced the Coolpix S50 which is totally badass. While it’s tempting to pretend I’ll get a Leica D-LUX 3, I just don’t have the intestinal fortitude to drop that much on a camera. So, instead, I’m going to get an S50 and be alternately verklempt that it has more megapixels than my D70s and doesn’t support RAW format. I’m sure I’ll survive.

Nikon S50

Update: apparently the D-LUX3 isn’t $5k (I was thinking of the M8).

Job One

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"Gaping void" -
Originally uploaded by Fearless Leader.

Hells yeah.

Coolest shopping cart ever

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Every once in a while I stumble across some random bit of a web application that honestly causes me “surprise and delight”. Today was one of those days, and the thing in question is the shopping cart at the Apparel store.

The concept is basic, simple, and brilliant — create a shelf at the bottom of the page to which the user can simply drag the items she wants. If she makes a mistake, simply drag the items off. When finished, there’s a nice obvious “Check out” button. It works extremely well, and they’ve gone so far as to add size bubbles to the items in your cart so it’s easy to check that you’ve selected the correct sizes. Very nicely done.

Here are some screenshots. First is the clear shelf:

Clear shelf

This is dragging an item on to the shelf (you can’t see it, but my mouse pointer was over the little transparent t-shirt):

Dragging a shirt

The last is dragging an item off the shelf — instead of just disappearing, it actually vanishes in a poof of smoke (exactly like the OSX dock, if you were wondering). Again, my mouse pointer was in the middle of the little poof of smoke there but my screencap cleared it:


Anyhow, kudos to the designers. I really like your shopping cart.

Yet another simple weeknight dinner

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I’m not going to bother with recipes since these are all profoundly simple (if you want recipes, leave a comment).

* Salt + pepper pork tenderloin (pan seared then roasted)
* Creamy polenta (chicken broth + a bit of butter)
* Sauted garlic baby spinach


Here’s a handy oil smoke-point reference: Oil Smoke Points. Bon appetite, etc.


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Accidentally picked up Pokemon Diamond after lunch today. There are, for the record, now 493 types of Pokemon to collect.

Update: If you don’t know what Pokemon are, Wikipedia has more background here.


Shiira 2.0 launches

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Where I read it: Shiira 2.0 goes official – The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW).

Where you can find it: Shiira Project.

Social Media in Seven Boxes

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Communication Overtones: If the Shoe Fits…Social Media in Seven Boxes

Linking to this because I want to re-read and think about it more later.

Empowering users

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Tim O’Reilly today talks about Better Gmail, a new Firefox add-on that Gina Trapani (of Lifehacker1) put together from bits and pieces of other add-ons other folks have put together. The add-on credit reads:

Creator: Gina Trapani, using scripts by Mihai Parparita and others, compiled using Anthony Lieuallen’s Greasemonkey Compiler.

Not only is the add-on indescribably cool, it also demonstrates the power of open standards, open development, and collaboration. As O’Reilly puts it, “The users themselves are evolving the browser.”

This is why I love Mozilla. This is why I love what I do2. Everything Mozilla does is focused on doing what’s right, what’s best for the Web, and what’s best for users. And sometimes something like this happens and just blows my mind because it’s working and we can see it and we’re actually making a difference. It sure makes the insanity worthwhile.

1 – Pretty much the most useful site ever.
2 – Yes, it can get gnarly and frustrating and crazy and exhausting, but it’s worth every second.

My dashboard is full of sunshine

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Aw yeah. Spring! Woo!


The Coop: Profile server idea

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I had another quick idea about how to make The Coop easier to use as support for more services is added over time. I’ve posted that idea in the Labs Forums over here.

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