Fun with macros

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Spent some time messing around with my macro lens, taking detail shots of some stained glass I have. I need to sort out a better rig for this sort of thing — after 70 shots leaning over a glass table with a not-featherweight camera, my lower back was killing me. All in all a fun experiment.

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Million Dollar Blog Post + Child’s Play

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For every wish posted to the Million Dollar Blog Post they will donate $1 to charity. Seems like a reasonable way to spend a few seconds of your day.

After that, think about heading to Child’s Play — a charity started by a bunch of gamers to help make the lives of sick children a little easier. This year they’re up to $760k of toys donated so far, and it’d be pretty awesome if it broke a million.

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On vacation (more or less)

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I’m accessible in emergencies (or if I’ve specifically said I’d like to be contacted about something), but otherwise I’m on vacation from roughly now through January 2nd. Regular contact points all work — IM, IRC, mail, phone. I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday.

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