Canada Day

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Happy Canadia Day!  Rob and I are home safely and will be celebrating tomorrow.  Woo.

Travel day + long weekend

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Flying back home today, then hoping to stay more-or-less offline Saturday through Monday for the long weekend. If you need something from me that can’t wait until Tuesday, please send mail marked “URGENT” or call my cell.


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During this week’s meetings, Basil Hashem talked about the currently named “Mozilla Prototypes” project, the core idea of which, as I understand it, is to encourage people to play with new ideas in the world of Mozilla technologies.

Where there is play there is fun, creativity, unbounded experimentation, a freedom from judgement, and an ability to take greater risks — and this is often how great ideas are born.

Obviously, I’m pretty excited by the project, although I’m not hugely in love with the current name. “Prototypes” feels restrictive to me, so I’ve taken to calling it “Mutations” (as shaver mentions), riffing on the whole idea of “evolution” and “survival of the fittest”. We’ll see if the name sticks. :)

I think the project is going to foster some incredible new ideas and innovation and, more than anything, I think it’s just going to be a whole lot of fun for everyone involved.

Travel day

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Heading to California for the week.  Will be offline most of Monday, and sporadically on-and-offline during the week.  Friday’s another travel day so will be offine all day.  Then it’s Canada Day!  Woot!

XUL reference progress, and a request for help

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One of the major projects I’m hoping to have more-or-less completed by the end of June is the addition of Neil Deakin’s XUL Element Reference content from XULPlanet into the MDC wiki. This project has been underway (primarily in discussion/planning phases) for the better part of a month, but we’re in the process of finalizing the final structure and formatting now.

To make the process go a lot more quickly, I could use some help in sorting the attribute, property, and method lists for each element. We will be including an alphabetical list of these on each element page, including all those that are inherited from the XUL and DOM elements. So each element needs to have three separate lists (attributes, properties, and methods) and the things inherited from the DOM element need to be marked as such (the linking for DOM items will be different than XUL).

If you could help with the creation and sorting of those lists, please find me in the #devmo channel on Any help would be appreciated here, because it can be a bit time consuming. Thanks!

Update: after a somewhat agonizing (and ongoing) debate over a few things, it turns out that this is largely unnecessary.  If you started working on these lists, you have my eternal gratitude, but it turns out we’re not going to need them.  Thanks!

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