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Between having a vicious cold and being more-or-less on holiday (funny how the two always seem to happen simultaneously), I’m essentially offline this week except for sporadically checking email. If you need to get my attention about something please email me at Thanks.

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Today’s Links

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In case you missed it…

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I have a new blog over here that’s all about books (primarily fiction, and primarily me pointing at stuff other people are saying about it). I’ve started a fun little side project related to Parchment Moon, but it’s not ready yet.

Anyhow, I’ve been posting over there more than I’ve been posting over here. Now, it’s time to eat, drink, and be merry. So merry merry one and all, I hope your Christmas has been safe and happy.

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Guess what I got for Christmas

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Here’s this morning’s shopping list as a hint:


  • Neocitran: Extra Strength Coughs, Cold, & Flu
  • Vitamin C
  • Tylenol Cold & Flu, convenient Daytime/Nighttime pack
  • 2 packs Fisherman’s Friend (original manly flavour)

Grocery Store

  • 6 cans Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup
  • 6 lemons
  • Fresh ginger (lots)
  • Peppermint Tea
  • Orange Juice (lg Tropicana, no pulp)
  • Honey (in bear-bottle format)


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Feed Me, Seymour

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Lookin’ for a snazzy new icon for linking your web feeds? Look no further than This industrious soul has taken the time to generate a whole raft of variants on the ubiquitous orange feed icon (size and background colour changes, primarily). Nice stuff.

big feed icon

Update: Note! I believe this icon was originally done by Stephen Horlander (according to the one person I asked who seemed to know). Can anyone verify this? Whoever designed it should get some public props for being awesome.

Update2: Steven Garrity has helpfully pointed to a weblog post by Kevin Gerich that discusses the origins of this icon.

Performancing Blog Extension Updated

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Noticed a little red “Update Available” in the corner of my Performancing editor/extension this morning. Clicked it, reinstalled, et voila. My favourite update (and, really, the only one I’ve noticed so far) is that the “Performancing” item in the context menu is no longer at the top (where “Back” should be and has been for the last, oh, forever). Thank god.

Update: Also included in this update is the ability to add Technorati tags to posts. Not the greatest UI decision I’ve seen in my life, but the feature is there at least. I’m a shade wary of feature-creep for this extension, but so long as the UI is finessed so it all works nicely, it’ll be ok.

In other Performancing-related news, Asa tells me that the SpellBound spell-checker extension integrates seamlessly with Performancing. I haven’t tested it yet (I’ve always had issues relying on spellcheckers), but you should check it out.

Update: The version of SpellBound you need to make this work can be found at this MozillaZine forum post. I’ve installed it and it’s awesome — spellcheck as you type in text areas. Super slick!

Also: the Performancing guys are having an ad competition of their own: Hey, we’re not rich, but if someone can come up with a kick-ass logo/ad for us, we’ll happily dole out a $500 cash prize, and if we use it in the app itself, give you credit for that on the about tab, naturally :)

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