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Nevermind the previous post…I’ve sorted out Pixelpost well enough to use it for the time being. Cobbled together the beginnings of a custom template, although for some reason the RSS feed is busted right now. I’ll sort that out tomorrow.

Check it out over here, if you like. If you happen to know why the RSS feed isn’t working, let me know.

Dear Lazyweb…on Photo Web software

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I’m in search of software that will allow me to quickly and easily post photos — with thumbnails, thumbnail pages, captions, and ideally a user-comment facility — to the web, only hosted on a private, self-administered server. Think “flickr” or “.mac + iPhoto”, only without having to entrust your photos to someone else.

How about (this would work, too) something like Pixelpost, only with catalogue pages that will display clickable thumbnails for a whole month. Something like that would be sweet. Like candy.

I’m starting to think I might just have to suck it up and build it myself, but if you happen to know of software that does stuff like this, please post a comment here. Note 1: I have a Mac desktop and a Linux server, so whatever it is has to run on that. Thanks! Note 2: If you happen to know of a WordPress plugin that does something roughly like what I’m describing here, please post a url.

Just for fun…

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Just for fun, I’m going to fire up the PC, finally (ho ho) update to XP SP2, and then install the new MSN Toolbar to see what tabbed browsing in IE is like. According to Asa, it’s in the range of “not so good”. We will see!

Update 1: Windows takes for-frickin’-ever to update.

Update 2: Apparently my “disk defragmenter module” has encountered a problem and has to close. I “Don’t Send” an error report. Rebooting.

Update 3: The first batch up updates didn’t include SP2. Updating again. I am wearing a dull stare.

Update 4: Rebooting again.

Update 5: Got distracted by work for a while. Checked Windows box. It came back up ok. Decided to let Windows have Automatic Updates, as I just don’t care any more. Windows told me I had no antivirus software installed, and told me to “Click this balloon to solve this problem.” I do not click. I do not believe it.

Update 6: It’s late. I’m going to bed. I’ll continue on with this tomorrow.

On Widgets

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So, the widget world is slowly starting to produce stuff worth having. For example, I’m writing this entry (largely as a test) using the RapidMetaBlog widget. Only lets you file entries under a single category at a time, but that’s not a huge issue. Looks ok. The Preview pane is sorta cool.

In other news, I’m thinking about subscribing to flickr. You can check out my free account (with all 8 photos!) if you like. From what I’ve seen, flickr is pretty good for features, including funky stuff like an iPhoto plugin (third party), email-from-phone facilities, RSS feeds, automatic slide-show creation, etc. I’ll play with it a bit more, but I’m probably already close to my 20mb free account upload limit. Flickr is a Yahoo site. It surprises the heck out of me that there is no Google flickr-alike. Given that they host videos and basically everyone’s email at this point, I figured it would be a no-brainer.

Anyhow, that’s all for now. Time to see if I’ve set this widget up to publish properly. Note: this is certainly no replacement for ecto, so I doubt I’ll hang on to it for long.

Nnnng, my brain…

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Here, go mess with your brain for a while.

On Games

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I’m getting older, it’s true, but I’m not yet ready to blame my encroaching decrepitude for my growing boredom with contemporary games.

My most recent two forays into gamedom were World of Warcraft and Guild Wars. WoW held my interest for roughly two months. After that I played on and off out of a desire for it to stop sucking, and then I just held my subscription for a couple of months out of forgetfulness. Then I quit, and I haven’t really considered going back even once.

Guild Wars, luckily, doesn’t have the same guilt-factor as WoW (or other subscription games), because there’s no monthly fee. It doesn’t matter if I don’t play at all this month, because I’m not forking money into the bottomless furnace of the internet just in case I decide I want to give it a go some random Saturday afternoon. On the other hand, I played for a little over a week, left it for a week, and haven’t really thought about logging in since.

WoW and Guild Wars, you see, are both basically the same goddamned game. Fantasy role-playing in a massively multiplayer world (caveats aside), where you quest to gain levels and loot. These are basically the same as Horizons, and Anarchy Online, and Star Wars Galaxies, and Asheron’s Call (1 & 2), and City of Heroes. As a matter of fact, they’re the same as the Baldur’s Gates, the Morrowinds, NeverWinter Nights, the Diablos.

In all of these games the basic premise is that you, for whatever reason, are a hero in a mythical land — usually armed with a sword, a bow, or magic — running about doing quests in an attempt to get gold and loot and experience so you get bigger, faster, and stronger. You’re working to get bigger, faster, and stronger so you can go out and get more gold and loot and experience while fighting bigger and badder bad guys. In the end (if there is an end, and as often as not there isn’t), you vanquish the biggest and baddest bad guy and save the realm from whatever horrors that bad guy was unleashing upon it.

I think I just have to finally accept the fact that most RPGs just suck, whether they be Massively Multiplayer, Limited Multiplayer, or Single Player.

So, by discounting RPGs entirely, what’s left? I’ve already abandoned the following genres in the past:

  • First Person Shooters (the Doom-alikes)
  • Real Time Strategy (the Starcraft-alikes)
  • Sims (the SimCity-alikes)
  • Turn Based Strategy that involves combat (the Civ-alikes)
  • Puzzle games (the Myst-alikes)
  • Choose Your Own Adventures (the Longest Journey-alikes)
  • Racing Games (the Project Gotham-alikes)
  • Sport Games (the Madden Football-alikes)

I don’t play FPSs, Racing Games, RTSs, or Sport Games at all. The rest of these genres will occassionally cough something up that I’ll take a look at and even buy, but in the past 3 years none of them have produced a game I’ve “finished” in any meaningful way.

So, what’s left? Bejeweled. Katamari Damacy. The bittersweet memory of the first Tomb Raider.

The thought of finally having to admit to myself that I just don’t like contemporary RPGs is just depressing. I think I’m going to have to find a new hobby.

Slowly but surely…

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This guy is cool.

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