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First off, Dashboard is cool. According to a friend of mine (hi Dude!), widget development is a snap. This is a good thing, of course, because this means that there will be a bunch of widgets (of varying usefulness and quality) developed and released. So far, I’ve set up my Dashboard with the Dictionary/Thesaurus, a couple of world clocks (one Ottawa, one San Francisco), the Dash Monitors widget (monitoring system resources — just wish it had CPU temp gauges), weather widget, calendar widget, and a solitaire widget. The whole thing is just mindblowingly cool, but currently of limited utility. Hopefully more, good, useful widgets will emerge over time.

If any widget developers out there are listening, I’d love (and pay a reasonable fee for) a Daily Crossword widget. Also, Bejeweled, BookWorm, Scrabble, and maybe a Lemonade or Plant Tycoon-style game. (Games are useful!)

Spotlight: very cool, very useful. Smart Folders: insanely cool, insanely useful. Now, my question is: why the hell can’t I click a button to turn my Spotlight results into a Smart Folder? I call “major oversight” on that one. If it is possible to do this, could you please tell me how? It’s annoying me. Note: it’s the only thing about Spotlight that’s annoying me. Otherwise, all good.

The rest of my day has been spent:

  • Sorting fonts into Collections.
  • Adding Keywords to iPhoto and tagging my photos.
  • Creating and playing with Smart Folders.
  • Downloading and trying out DragThing.
  • Updating apps, including BluePhonElite, QuickSilver, and OmniOutliner Pro (Spotlight enabled!)
  • Trying to see if I can live with Safari (so far, no go).
  • Trying to see if I can live with Mail (so far, no go).
  • Setting up a .mac account (in spite of the price), and syncing stuff between compy and lappy.
  • Setting up and syncing my Motorola v551 via iSync and doing a little dance when it worked perfectly.
  • Downloading piles and piles of new desktop wallpaper because I’m addicted to having new wallpaper every day.

Basically, I’ve just immersed in the whole Tiger/Mac experience for about 36 hours. Sort of a geeky way to spend a weekend, I suppose.

3 Responses to “Living with Tiger”

  1. Vermyndax Says:
    May 1st, 2005 at 1:01 am

    I’m absolutely, positively seething with jealousy.

  2. TheDude Says:
    May 2nd, 2005 at 11:42 am

    im famous! :)

  3. TheDude Says:
    May 2nd, 2005 at 11:42 am

    im famous! :)

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