Living with Tiger

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First off, Dashboard is cool. According to a friend of mine (hi Dude!), widget development is a snap. This is a good thing, of course, because this means that there will be a bunch of widgets (of varying usefulness and quality) developed and released. So far, I’ve set up my Dashboard with the Dictionary/Thesaurus, a couple of world clocks (one Ottawa, one San Francisco), the Dash Monitors widget (monitoring system resources — just wish it had CPU temp gauges), weather widget, calendar widget, and a solitaire widget. The whole thing is just mindblowingly cool, but currently of limited utility. Hopefully more, good, useful widgets will emerge over time.

If any widget developers out there are listening, I’d love (and pay a reasonable fee for) a Daily Crossword widget. Also, Bejeweled, BookWorm, Scrabble, and maybe a Lemonade or Plant Tycoon-style game. (Games are useful!)

Spotlight: very cool, very useful. Smart Folders: insanely cool, insanely useful. Now, my question is: why the hell can’t I click a button to turn my Spotlight results into a Smart Folder? I call “major oversight” on that one. If it is possible to do this, could you please tell me how? It’s annoying me. Note: it’s the only thing about Spotlight that’s annoying me. Otherwise, all good.

The rest of my day has been spent:

  • Sorting fonts into Collections.
  • Adding Keywords to iPhoto and tagging my photos.
  • Creating and playing with Smart Folders.
  • Downloading and trying out DragThing.
  • Updating apps, including BluePhonElite, QuickSilver, and OmniOutliner Pro (Spotlight enabled!)
  • Trying to see if I can live with Safari (so far, no go).
  • Trying to see if I can live with Mail (so far, no go).
  • Setting up a .mac account (in spite of the price), and syncing stuff between compy and lappy.
  • Setting up and syncing my Motorola v551 via iSync and doing a little dance when it worked perfectly.
  • Downloading piles and piles of new desktop wallpaper because I’m addicted to having new wallpaper every day.

Basically, I’ve just immersed in the whole Tiger/Mac experience for about 36 hours. Sort of a geeky way to spend a weekend, I suppose.

My office

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While I was installing Tiger on the machines, I took a picture of my workstation/office. Clicking on the picture below will bring up the annotated edition. This post inspired by Penny Arcade.

Exciting times…

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5:18pm: I’ve just started the process of installing Mac OS X Tiger on my laptop.

5:22pm: Installation DVD Check is 82% finished.

5:23pm: Preparing for Installation. Lots of DVD drive activity.

5:25pm: Installation started.

Aside: Reading Mind Hacks on my Safari Bookshelf on the desktop while this process goes on.

5:29pm: Time remaining says “About 40 mins”.

5:31pm: Time remaining says “About 27 mins”.

Aside: I hope this doesn’t eat my data.

5:34pm: I take some pictures of my workspace.

5:40pm: Time remaining says “About 4 mins”.

5:47pm: Optimizing System Performance.

5:48pm: Restarting lappy!

5:52pm: Restarted. Now it’s thinking. Some more thinking.

Oo! Set up assistant!

6:01pm: Losing my mind. The Dashboard is SO WICKED.

Signing off for now…more updates from lappy when I install on compy…

Fifty Million

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Quick Question for the web types in the audience…

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Do any of you happen to know of forum software that has RSS support for individual boards? If you do, let me know here or email me at debatdriadotorg. Thanks.

Tiger Reviews

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Our copy of Tiger is en route. Tiger day tomorrow! Celebrate!

Here are some reviews. I’ll be updating this list as more come out…

About Longhorn

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As many people may have noticed, Microsoft has been yelling a lot this week about how awesome Longhorn is, how it’s graphically superior, how it represents a massive investment in security improvements, how it has all sorts of new and awesome features.

They’re having issues with their tenses. Everything I’ve read this week is in the present tense, like Longhorn is available right now. But it’s not. Current promise is that it will ship “in time for Christmas 2006″. Let me check my calendar…Christmas 2006 is in twenty months. That’s not now. That’s not anywhere close enough to being now to talk about it in the present tense.

The big conference (Windows Hardware Engineering Conference) doesn’t seem to be going very well. There’s a bunch of stories coming out of it, but some of the really exciting quotes are along the lines of, “it’s like watching a train wreck,” and:

Longhorn is in complete disarray and in danger of collapsing under its own weight: Since WinHEC 2004, Microsoft hasn’t shipped a single public beta release of the product, which is now delayed until late 2006. Now, we get a new build of Longhorn, finally, but it’s surprisingly similar to the version we got last year. In fact, it’s almost less exciting, because it looks more like the existing Windows version—Windows XP—than the year-ago version did. You can literally see the backtracking.

Just for fun, I went out and grabbed a handful of screenshots from the various previews of Longhorn that Microsoft has given over the years (2002-2005)….

Update: I’ve removed the screenshots because apparently Microsoft is being retarded about it, and I just don’t feel like dealing with that (not that my blog gets enough traffic to get noticed, but still, better safe than…not).



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Ok, so…Firefly, before the new Battlestar Galactica came on the scene, was the best sci-fi tv series of all time. Now I’d say it and BG are running neck and neck for top spot.

Sadly, Fox, being the morons they are, cancelled Firefly. There is, however…

A Movie.

I. Cannot. Wait.


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Firefox is quickly approaching 50,000,000 downloads. Fifty million. That’s a lot. Come join the fun…there are prizes!.

Tiger Week!

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Tiger, the newest and bestest version of OS X is being shipped by Apple on April 29th. That’s Friday! Boolean and I have pre-ordered a Family Pack of licenses, and they should get here just in time for the weekend.

I’ve mentioned this before, of course, but I’m pretty excited about the whole thing. Silly, perhaps, but whatever. I embraced my geekdom many, many years ago.

Spotlight and Smart Folders (S M R T!) are the really important bits for me. I’m so looking forward to having a Folder of Images that contains subfolders for PNG, JPG, GIF, etc. A Folder of Documents that contains subfolders for Pages, Word, Excel, Keynote, PDF, Text, etc. Etc etc etc.

Also, Tiger’s iSync is supposed to fully support the fancy new phone I got last week (Motorola v551), which will also be very cool.

I fully expect to be spending much of this weekend messing around with this stuff. Finally, a proper OS upgrade that doesn’t fill me with fear and loathing. The future is now!

Aside: I’m posting this with the newly updated Ecto. It’s pretty slick what with the nice UI changes and stuff.

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